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Smoke-free spaces on the the island of Ireland - Snapshot Report

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Institute of Public Health

Subject Keywords: tobacco, smoke free, second hand smoke, smoking
Type: Report
Region: All-island
Republic of Ireland
Northern Ireland

Reducing second-hand smoke (SHS) exposure has become a central component of tobacco control policies across the island of Ireland. The expansion of smoke-free spaces directly reduces exposure of children and adults and further denormalises tobacco use in a variety of social contexts. Challenges remain in terms of persistent health inequalities and significant exposure to SHS in the home, particularly in the context of children. This snapshot report presents a brief overview of progress on the development of smoke-free spaces on the island of Ireland. This snapshot updates on an earlier document published in June 2016.

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Institute of Public Health. () Smoke-free spaces on the the island of Ireland - Snapshot Report [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 29th March 2017].


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